Legatum is a private investment group with 28 years of global investment experience in allocating proprietary capital to businesses and programmes that promote sustainable human development. Headquartered in Dubai’s International Finance Centre, a world class home for international finance, Legatum’s offices occupy Precinct Building 6 which they acquired in April 2012.

In mid 2012, internationally acclaimed architects Pringle Brandon, formally known as Pringle Brandon Perkins + Will, were commissioned to design the interior of Legatum’s four storey headquarters. The project brief was to design Art Deco styled offices with each floor designed to serve its own purpose. Level two is home to the grand entrance lobby featuring the fluted marble reception desks and client meeting suites, level three is home to a specialist academy room and library with a business cafe taking pride of place on level four. All levels are linked by a custom designed oval staircase with onyx insets.

The CEO placed great importance on the ironmongery package because it is the first physical connection a person makes with a building, therefore, something as seemingly functional as the door handle can actually be crucially important in conveying the quality and care with which a whole building has been designed and created. For this reason Elite and our partners in the Middle East were involved from the initial design phase through to installation and handover.

The project was handed over on the 7th throughout the project even though there were constant design changes. This meant Elite were working under a very tight delivery schedule where delays were not an option.

One of the main features of the understated space was the Macasser doors with custom designed stained glass. The door furniture, being an exacting bespoke art deco design led by the client, was required to complement this significant design feature. Materials, colour palettes and subtle textures were carefully selected and combined as polished marbles in creams, browns and ochre contrasting beautifully with exotic polished wood, gold, brass and chrome.

All lever handles, which featured on a decorative back plate, pull handles, cabinet handles and bathroom thumb turns were bespoke with the Elite produced 3D drawings and 3D printed models for approval. Elite were instrumental throughout the whole manufacturing process, from milling the base material to polishing, plating and then finally the exceptional finishing process of PVD antique gold. PVD or physical vapour deposition was chosen for its unique hardness, wear resistance and metallic appearance where superior adhesion are important to ensure a perfect look for extended period of time and intense use, making this the ideal solution for high end projects where the quality of finish is key in highlighting the design.

Legatum's new headquarters won 2013’s prestigious 'Interior Design of the Year: Office' award. of July 2013, this is the initial date which remained the same